Wedding Suites

Are you planning a wedding in a remote location? Does your venue not have wedding party suite? Why not let Embry Event bring the suite to you? Our full- service travel trailers have the necessary room and amenities to make your special day amazing. The wedding party can relax in the comfort of their private space that include air conditioning or heat, a restroom with a shower, a mini fridge with freezer and plenty of luxurious seating to lounge around on. Do you need a quick nap to calm your nerves before the festivities begin? Well our full service travel trailers even have a private room for any one to enjoy. Also, lets not forget that if you book our full service travel trailer we will include our exclusive Wi-Fi and streaming services so you and your guests can watch what you please while you all relax, kick back, and enjoy a cold glass of your favorite beverage and make your special day worry free.