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Did you know Embry Events also rents out cornhole sets to allow the guests at your party or corporate event to unwind and have a healthy competition? Well we do! Embry Events will deliver the equipment while you deliver the fun!

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Tabletop Cup Pong

The party never ends when teams compete to see who can get the ball in to the little red cups. Embry Events can provide a 72″ X 30″ tabletop football field and balls so your guests can have unlimited fun and let it fly!

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Giant Cup Pong

If it is a team building event, a bachelor/ bachelorette party, or celebrating a recent graduation, giant cup pong will ensure fun for the whole group. Imagine the fun that will be had bringing a table game to life!

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Giant Tumbling Towers

Nothing says fun like seeing who can pull and stack blocks the highest without knocking the whole tower down! Embry Events now offers a childhood favorite in giant form.

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Imagine the fun your group can have at your event playing a game of Yardzee! Roll the dice, keep score, and have fun! This game is made for not only all ages, but all group sizes!

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